Where can I get a DICOM file 3D printed?

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If you are looking to get a DICOM file 3D printed – we can help. Medimodel has been helping clinicians and patients from around the world get their DICOM files 3D printed since 2016. We 3D print DICOM files from both CT and MRI scans across medical, dental and veterinary surgery. The DICOM files we 3D print have been used in pre-operative planning, diagnosis, research and training. Our expertise combined with state of the art 3D printing technology mean we can deliver truly cutting edge models.

We provide learning material for free on our blog if you would like to 3D print your DICOM file yourself, but if you do not have the time or ability to 3D print it yourself, we can do it for you.

Whether you are a clinician or a patient, we offer a free initial consultation where we will review your files and discuss the options which are available. As part of our free consultation we will ask you to send us the DICOM file which you would like 3D printed. DICOM files can be sent to us using an online service such as Google Drive or WeTransfer. We will then send you some 3D images for review and you can tell us more about the areas of interest and what you plan to use the 3D printed DICOM model for. We have a range of materials available to 3D print your DICOM file on our cutting edge Stratasys 3D printers, from optically clear, transparent materials to rubbery materials which can be used to simulate soft tissue. These materials can be combined within a single print to create moving joints and models which contain various tissue densities. We can also 3D print coloured materials inside clear materials for example to help visualise organs, bones or blood vessels.

Following your initial consultation we will provide you with a quotation to 3D print your DICOM file. If you are happy to proceed then we will normally deliver a finished, 3D printed DICOM model in around 2 weeks and we will ship internationally.

If you are looking to get a DICOM file 3D printed, get in touch today by emailing [email protected] for your free consultation. If you have questions you can message us through the live chat on our website.


If you are looking to get a DICOM file 3D printed or have questions, get in touch today for your free consultation. 

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