We create accurate anatomical models using the DICOM data from your CT and MRI scans.

DICOM to STL conversion

We convert your DICOM images from CT/MRI scans into 3D models for visualisation and 3D printing. We produce clear and concise anatomical models of human and animal cases for owners, patients and practitioners

3D print DICOM files

We 3D print medical models in a range materials ranging from hard to soft, transparent to opaque. This means we can simulate different types of tissue, create moving joints and highlight areas of interest with different colour.

Visit our blog for tips, guides and workflows to prepare and 3D print your own DICOM file models

Explore some of the materials and process we have available for 3D printing medical models

Our DICOM library contains anonymised DICOM files which are free to use for educational purposes

We 3D print CT scan and MRI scan data. Send us your DICOM file or call us on +44 (0) 117 325 8171 if you would like to discuss your case with us.